Our holiday dinner is here!

Thanks to those of you who came out to our boisterous October dinner! We packed 11 of you into a cozy Ravenswood apartment and stuffed ourselves with Wisconsin themed food and drink Suffice it to say; it was awesome. You made this Wisconsinite proud. (Those who missed it can check out more pictures here!) Before we get into the details of our holiday dinner, two important announcements:

  1. Those who come to our upcoming holiday dinner will be the first to learn of the next two event’s date and have the opportunity to reserve a seat on-the-spot -- and receive a discount by doing so.

  2. Would you like to host, photograph, style or otherwise collaborate on an event? If so, you get a hefty discount. Hit us up!

Now, onto our HOLIDAY DINNER!!!

I don’t want to spill all the beans, but allow me to geek out and offer you some clues:

It starts with a half-shelled toast to Autumn’s end

And becomes the holiday dinner you actually want to attend

With old French classics and new recipes, too

Clink steaming mugs with the family you actually choose


Some of our courses will remind you that fall is still here

But by meal’s end, you’ll be stuffed with --

You guessed it --


Are you still with us? My cheesy moment is over now.

DATE & TIME: Sunday, Dec 3rd, 6 pm

COST: $75 suggested donation saves you a seat at the table

LOCATION: I’m so excited to share that it will be held in an absolutely stunning, spacious house in Ukrainian Village. Our generous friends made their breathtaking place available to us, and it is the perfect environment for this extra special, seasonal dinner.

OTHER: Alcohol is included, but feel free to bring more if you want to go hard on a Sunday (it is the holidays after all).

To reserve your spot, please email me by Monday, Nov. 20.

Any questions? See our FQA page or reach out. Thanks, everyone and looking forward to toasting the holidays with you!